About This Muslim Woman:

This project is about exclusion and inclusion, but it is also deeply personal to me and how I have navigated space and story as an American Muslim woman. It is about a commitment to encourage other Americans -- strangers and friends -- to include Muslim women in their consciousness, conversations and everyday lives. This could be a project about all people and communities who face exclusion from space and story in this country; however it is framed by my own perspective as a Muslim woman.

Additional Important Note I: Not all Muslim women wear a hijab/headscarf. I have chosen to represent Muslim women in this project as muhajjabas born out of my personal experience, and the obvious physical recognition that a hijab carries. If you are a Muslim woman who doesn't wear a scarf--I love you, I carry you deeply within this and my intentions are for this to be for you as well.

Additional Important Note II: To know a woman is deeper than a caricature of her-always. I wish I did not feel the need to simplify ourselves into an object to highlight the space we occupy, or are excluded from. No object can contain who we truly are. There is a quote I love by Joumana Haddad that states, " The only good reason to read me, the only good reason I should be interesting to you, the only good reason any human being should be interesting at all, is because he or she is themselves, not just a flashy intriguing tag that they are supposed to represent." Please excuse my use of intriguing tags, I will keep hoping for a better way.

I will be paying for this project, including time, supplies, web-hosting and shipping, out of my own pocket. However, if you would like to support any part of this project financially I welcome donations.


If you have the means and interest to buy a pair of these earrings for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, and still wish to be involved in this project, please purchase a pair below and you will receive your own pair, inclusion as a participant and additional information cards. Please still share your story!

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special thanks around this project must be given: the most High and his emissary Rasulullah (SWAS); r&b of my heart; samia; nuri; fatima; mehedi; mohammad ali; jessica; abdul aziz; sadaf; arianne; voice ; harpreet; ameca; emily; and the kindle project LLC.

My intentions with this project are pure insha'allah. Please forgive me if any of my words or concepts have not reflected this.