1. Sign Up for a Free Pair of Earrings:

 (What you need to send me in the form below)

  • Your name, email and the best address to ship a pair of earrings to you.
  • Include in your message why you want to be a part of this project, all explanations are welcome. I am intentionally seeking folks who recognize the exclusion of Muslim women's voices and would love to be a part of intentionally inserting them into the American story.
  • This is not a "first come first serve" process. It is also not a competition; however, I am seeking to be thoughtful and deliberate about where I send Muslim women. Tell me your story! I may share pieces of it, respecting your anonymity, on the blog and in the participant section with pictures of the earrings I create.
  • Your patience. These earrings will be one of a kind and some will be inspired by the responses I receive. It will take thought, time, energy and inspiration...yet they will come.

2. What I am Asking for in Return: 

  • Wear the earrings. Beyond that how you choose to talk about them or share them with the public is up to you.

  • Pictures

  • Reflections

  • Reactions

  • Conversations you have about them

There is a section on the website entitled "Share Your Story" for you to upload pictures, any experiences, stories, thoughts and feedback. While the first part of this project is about intentionally facilitating the space for a conversation, I will create a secondary conversation here on this website populated with the stories, thoughts and feedback you send back to me. I will respect your privacy and post anonymously should you request it. Your other information will not be shared with anyone.

With each pair of earrings I will send description cards for you to pass along to others who may ask you about the earrings, compliment them or inquire about them. Feel free to give them a description card, and contact me via the message form below for additional cards should you want/need them.

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