Share Your Story With Me

100 Muslim Women intends to provoke conversation around inclusion and exclusion.  After receiving and wearing your earrings please take the time to tell me about the experiences, conversations and personal feedback you may have. You can message me once, or as many times as you are able and would like through the form below.

If you haven't received a pair of earrings but are still interested in having further conversation, please also use the form below to start a conversation or ask a question.

What I will do with this information:

  • I will populate the blog section on this website with the ongoing experiences people have wearing the earrings and their interactions with others.
  • I will feature you on a soon-to-be-developed Participants page should you allow me to do so after you receive your earrings.
  • I will respect your privacy and post your story anonymously should you request it.
  • I will share with you my own thoughts and feedback via the blog.
  • I will create a space on the blog where other folks can comment back and explore the conversation further with you.

Additional Ways to Share Your Story: