To Nominate Someone to Receive a Pair of Earrings:

What are some of your concerns around the exclusion of Muslim women? Who and how might this change through the intentional nomination of someone to insert Muslim women into different spaces and conversations?

The process of nomination is about “passing it forward” in an intentional way. You may be a Muslim woman who knows allies and recognizes that they will continue to build bridges and you would like them to receive and wear a pair. You might want to think about what is happening in your community and who might be a good recipient such as an educator, a politician, a young Muslima who feels like the singular voice of Islam in a crowd, a diversity-challenged space that an ally has access to, a muhajjaba who needs a friend, a friend who will wear and embrace them with purpose, a fashionista or a confused islamaphobe.

What to include in your Nomination:

  • Your name and email.
  • Tell me why you want to nominate the selected participant in the message section.
  • Include whether this is an anonymous nomination or whether you are comfortable with your identity being known in the nomination process.
  • Include the nominee’s contact information (email), or an address. A notification will arrive via email announcing the nomination and the upcoming arrival of the package.
  • If you don't feel comfortable leaving an address, or do not have it, leave the nominee's email and I will reach out through a nomination email follow up.
  • If you are nominating someone who you do not personally know (i.e. a politician) or have contact information for, I will do my best to find and locate the person to reach out to and keep you updated.
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